Gifts in English

GIFTS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that everyone can do something to help somebody else. We further believe that exposing young people to other cultures and teaching them more about the world, is one of the best ways to ensure that our children grow up to be inspired, socially involved youths who share a mutual respect for one another.

What we do:

-Collect shoes and other kinds of football equipment that have been outgrown by their owners, so that they can be the source of happiness, once more, to children in The Gambia.
-Have since 2003 run a yearly football tournament in The Gambia, the GIFTS Cup, which aims to become an international tournament.
-Are working to ensure that at least one girls’ team and one boys’ team from The Gambia participate in Norway Cup, the world’s largest football tournament, every year.

Saul Sowe has done charity work on a private basis for a number of years, and knows The Gambia well. He has even received the High Order of the Republic of Gambia for his work and achievements within sport and health projects.

Kari Jaquesson is acknowledged for her contribution within training, health, nutrition and lifestyle. She’s also an acute writer and engaged in local, as well as international, issues. In 2003 Kari and Saul started GIFTS and she’s an important contributor in the organization.